Lacewood Drabble



Rated: M

Length: 2,314 words

Pairing: Lacewood

Serena lay on her bed staring up at her popcorn ceiling. She was 23 years old and hadn’t been home for years. She was traveling with Bonnie and Shauna to other regions so they can experience different cultures. When she returned home, Professor Sycamore had requested for her company. If he hadn’t changed over the years, she knew that he would probably gush over her findings. She had felt nervous all morning for unknown reasons; she had practiced under him through most of her teenage years, why was now any different?

She felt her phone buzz on the mattress beside her, alerting her. She had set an alarm so she could nap before the day’s events, but her mind was elsewhere. She didn’t realize how fast two hours went by.

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